“Don’t worry if it’s chipped and old. So what if it’s faded, rusty, or worn? Love the story behind it, the history within it and the patina on it.”

Stories About Your Stuff

Objects represent a moment in time and each has a story to tell.

The tales surrounding these character-filled time capsules have the power to inform, inspire, delight and amaze.

Stories About Your Stuff honors the stories behind the objects that are important to you, whether it’s your favorite pair of jeans from high school or your grandmother’s round oak table.

We start by listening to and carefully documenting the stories about your items. Then, each piece will be professionally photographed and all will be compiled in a hardcover book for you to keep or share with future generations.

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Memoir Book

Professionally written story of your life

Audio History

Professionally recorded and edited stories on audio tape

Slice of Life

Highlight your most memorable times in print or web format.

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