We’re all made of stories.

When they finally put us underground,
the stories are what will go on.

Charles de Lint

It’s been said our lives are a collection of stories; truths about who we are, what we believe, where we came from, how we struggle and how we are strong.

By sharing your story, you have the opportunity to leave a legacy that can inform and inspire generations to come.

Everyone has a story — what’s yours?

Getting Started

First, we’ll sit down together and begin exploring the main stories or themes in your life in order to narrow down which to include in your Life Size Story.  We’ll discuss your needs and time-frame and at this point, decide if we want to work together.  Upon agreeing to move forward, you’ll receive a letter of agreement that outlines our mutual expectations and responsibilities.

The process to create your manuscript will include: Interviews, Writing and Editing

Interviews: Ideally, interviews will be conducted in person. Documenting a person’s life story or capturing a collection of memories often takes several hours, depending on the memories and your ability to share them.  Sessions can last from one to three hours each, spaced out over days or weeks. While this might sound somewhat grueling, please know you will not be grilled during this time; rather these sessions will be easy, ongoing conversations with the interviewer, moving at your pace within your comfort level. You’ll be encouraged to share any and all details, observations and reflections; at the same time, we respect your privacy and can assure you all of our conversations will be held in the strictest confidence.

Transcriptions & Editing: Recorded interviews will be transcribed and the finished transcript will be written in story form; then edited for clarity, accuracy (some additional fact-checking as needed) and voice. We want your personality to come shining through and will make sure the narrative is authentic.  You will have a chance to review every draft and give us feedback for changes and additional editing.

There is no greater agony
than bearing an untold story inside you. 

Maya Angelou

The remaining steps of the process include: Design and Formatting, Printing and Binding (or Self-Publishing options), and Delivery to you.

Design & Formatting: Depending on how you envision it, we can give you several different options for the formatting and design of your book. You will be able to review a formatted proof and will always have the final say as we fine tune with any changes. Once you are satisfied, the proof is sent to one of our professional proofreaders to catch any oversights.

Printing & Binding: We will explain all of your printing and binding options and walk you through each step of the printing process.  After you have signed off on the final manuscript, we send the files to the printer and bindery. We work closely with the printer to ensure accuracy and the highest quality before the finished book is shipped to you.

Self-Publishing Options: Self-publishing, or “on demand” publishing options are also available, especially if you are interested in selling your book on Amazon or through bookstores such as Barnes & Noble.  We would be happy to help guide you through that process as well.

E-Book:  Ask us about producing your memoir in an E-Book format

Cost: There is no standard answer to this often asked question.  Each Life Size Story is unique and highly customized, and because of this, costs vary widely.  The price is based on the final product you envision and the scope of the project, including the number and length of interviews and the services needed to convert those interviews into the type of product you want – a book, an audio recording or personal documentary on film.

To borrow a line from another memoir writer I know, the average cost of capturing and preserving a life story is less than a new car and a little more than a really nice vacation. Rest assured, your Life Size Story can be crafted to fit your budget.

Length of Time to Complete: Some projects can be completed in a matter of weeks, while others can take three to six months or even longer. We will discuss the anticipated timeline with you at the very beginning of the project to make sure everyone understands what to expect.  And we will closely monitor the time throughout the course of the project, always keeping in mind your expectations and budget.

Here are a couple of samples to give you an idea of what our Memoir books look like:

Audio History

Professionally recorded and edited stories on audio tape

Slice of Life

Highlight your most memorable times in print or web format.

Stories About Your Stuff

Honor the stories behind objects that are important

We’re all stories in the end.
Just make it a good one.

Dr. Who

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