“People are hungry for stories.
It’s part of our very being.
Storytelling is a form of history,
of immortality too.
It goes from one generation to another.”

Studs Terkel

Recording Audio Histories

Future generations will be able to hear you tell your story in your own words when you have it digitally recorded.

Capture the sound and cadence of someone’s voice and preserve it forever. Let grandparents expound on what the world was like when they were growing up; have your dad talk about his time in the military or listen as your mom describes her college days. Sit down with your siblings and share some of your favorite family stories or record a conversation with your own kids about a special or meaningful time you had together.

The Process

After an initial meeting to determine what topics or stories will be covered, we’ll meet at a professional recording studio for a 1-2 hour session. Afterwards, the raw recorded audio will be professionally edited into a smooth, seamless narration. Your audio story can accessed on different formats including CD and MP3. A copy of the unedited recording as well as a full transcript of your session will also be available.

Sample Audio

Kathleen J. has a conversation with her daughter recalling her days as a 19 year old student nurse at Chicago’s Cook County Hospital in 1954.

Memoir Book

Professionally written story of your life

Slice of Life

Highlight your most memorable times in print or web format.

Stories About Your Stuff

Honor the stories behind objects that are important

“Like jazz, stories are meant to be heard, to strike resonant chords in our hearts or rumble down deep in our gut. “

Martta Karol

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